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All that is required,  is that you stick to the subject matter (Make Money Online) and please no spam, else your request will disappear as fast as you took time to post it, so please don’t waste your time in doing so. This sight was designed  to offer any one, young or old, information on how to make money online in an easy “even a kid can do it” format,  once your submission is approved.

Also note we are trying to keep this site G Rated ,  friendly and open to the general public. The internet is vast – and we can all co-exist together. Networking is also a great way to learn as you go and generate a good income potential as well. We are encouraging other sites with similar interests to link up and share the knowledge. SOP will be posting similar site-links  on this site, in hopes we can assist other would be entrepreneurs out there.  Please note, there will be some sites which are age specific. Steady Pay Online is not responsible nor advocates or endorses any other sites not owned by Steady Pay Online. Please use caution when dealing with other sites offering too good to be true promises.

If Steady Pay Online determines your site may contribute and has vital information which can further aide in assisting others how to make money online, your site may be show cased. Steady Pay Online reserves the right to approve or disapprove site/links which do or do not meet the criteria above and when such links and information has been submitted for approval.

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